Poole Violins Workshop

"There are always different projects on the go in the workshop!"

in a violin workshop

POOLE Violins Workshop


    From simple cleaning jobs to full scale restorations.

  • Tonal adjustments
  • Setups and maintenance
  • Crack repairs
  • Varnish retouching projects
  • Accidental damage
  • Grafts, patches, reforming and support
  • Worm damage
  • Bow rehairs


    Mark currently concentrates on two models of violin and two of viola that have proved reliable in tone and are well balanced aesthestically.

  • A golden period Stradivari based violin model
  • A model loosely based on a beautiful Niccolo Gagliano violin
  • A successful viola model of Mark's own design
  • A Guarneri based viola model made in two sizes
  • Enquiries for violoncellos and other specialist requirements are always welcome